WebEx 11 Buy Flow Improvements

In 2016, we made changes to the WebEx 11 Buy Flow to promote the Annual Plan for a revenue boost. The heart of this redesign was making changes to the main pricing pods on Step 1 of the Buy Flow.  



Before the change the Annual option was a check box as shown on the left side. Also, the main pricing pod was not interactive. Any change the user would make to the user licenses would only be reflected in the Order Summary.



After making the change, there were 2 pricing pods for monthly and annual, with equal weight. The pods were interactive and the user could change the number of hosts to see the change in pricing.


The changes we did resulted in a steady hold of Annual sales in spite of lower traffic to the Buy Flow pages. So, although we were hoping for larger returns, there were other factors affecting the traffic. The business stakeholders were pleased with the results and decided to push this change to the rest of the locales.


MC + Spark Buy Flow
Below is a sample of the Change Order flow created for the product Meeting Center + Spark.
(click to enlarge)