Cisco Spark

In the beginning of 2017, we launched a major redesign for I have worked on 3 new pages amongst 8 that were part of the new redesign.

Cisco Spark Rooms
The Cisco Spark Rooms page was added to get word out about the new hardware. The objective of the page was to showcase the different models of the Rooms series and highlight their features.

Cisco Spark Plans Page
The plans page has information about all the available plans for Cisco Spark. Currently only one of the plans is enabled for e-commerce. But this is the stop for the users to gather information and chat with a sales person if they desire.

Cisco Spark Board Pricing Page
The Spark Board pricing page was developed to create an entry into the e-commerce flow to buy hardware. The Spark Board comes with 3 different mounts and has 3 different price points based on the mounting option chosen. The objective of this page was to give enough high level information for the user to summarize what they are about to buy and have the main CTA of adding to cart for them to enter the Buy Flow. This page was shelved due to scheduling reasons.