WebEx 11 EOL Project

The WebEx 11 End of Life or WX11 EOL project was launched recently to announce the retirement of an older WebEx product, and help the existing users migrate to the new product called WebEx Meeting Center. 

This project consisted of a new flow we launched to alert all the existing users and has several starting points. Users will be alerted that their product is retiring through emails and will be taken to a central landing page which has all the information about the new product.

My responsibility as the UX designer was to work with the business stakeholders, and the copy team to create the flow, design the structure for the visuals and test the various use cases covered by this flow.
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WX 11 Overlays

The flow begins with an overlay that is shown to the user when he tries to change his existing plan. The strategy behind the user experience and design was to make all these new elements simple, with bold use of color, and every attempt made to chop content down into bite size chunks.


WX11 Landing Page

The WX11 Landing Page is the one stop that will have the information about how the new product measures up to the old product, and how the user can switch to the new product. It also has a comparison table that shows the benefits of the new product when compared to the old one, and also has useful features like FAQs, a step-by-step guide to make the switch to the new product.

 WX11 Landing Page

WX11 Landing Page

EOL Comparison P8 Monthly No Call Me Storage.png

WX11 Slideshows

We developed a series of 5 slideshows that help the user to understand what the new offer is, how to buy the new offer, cancel their old account, and start scheduling meetings in the new account. The objective was to come up with a simple and colorful format that could deliver the instructions along with explanatory visuals. Packaging the instructions as a slideshow would allow the user to go step by step at their own pace. Structuring this content as a slideshow also allowed us the simplicity in delivering the content and saved us the expenses of creating and hosting a video.