A/B Testing for Growth

In the last 3 months, I have been working on A/B testing or optimization of several important areas of both our websites - WebEx.com and CiscoSpark.com.

Included below are a few of the A/B testing efforts.

Free Trial Testing

This test is currently in progress. The objective was to come up with a condensed form with the minimum fields needed to get the user's information, a brief summary of what the user will get with the free trial and a CTA that was above the fold. We have gone out with 6 different images, each highlighting a certain aspect of meetings. 


Pricing Page Toggle Test

On the pricing page, the control used to have a toggle between monthly and annual pricing included in each pod. This was confusing to our users and so we wanted to take the pricing toggle out and place it above the pods to indicate that the prices change at once in all 3 pods if you interact with it. 

We also wanted to test which form of toggle encouraged the most user engagement. We went out with 3 options - links, radio buttons, and a button toggle. The radio button toggle was the winner with almost a 10% lift in clicks.


Cisco Spark Pricing Page Layout

The pricing page for Cisco Spark was up for a minor redesign to include pricing. However this effort got shelved due to business reasons. But there were 3 different layouts that we wanted to test for the main pricing table. These layouts are shown above.

Brand perception survey for WebEx

Recently, I helped launch a survey on SurveyMonkey to test the brand perception of WebEx amongst users and non-users. After doing some research, I helped find best practices when it comes to brand perception surveys. I created a questionnaire along with a co-designer that captured the audience 'care-abouts' when it comes to using online collaboration tools. I also created the logic for the paths to be taken by the different types of audience members. Here are a few samples of the survey questionnaire.
(click to enlarge)